Howard County Super Youth

Saturday of the Fair

Registration @ 4:00 pm, Contest @ 4:30 pm

Registration and contest will be held where the old horse arena was, just north of the barns. The contest will have 10 teams, of each division, consisting of 4 members each. This contest will involve only one event…

The Obstacle Course:

The Obstacle Course will be a team effort with all members working together to perform various fun filled skills and tasks on a side-by-side. Fastest times and accuracy of this event will be used to determine the winners.


  1. Two Divisions…Junior (8-13 years old) Senior (14-19 years old)
  2. Contestants to reside in Howard County
  3. A team must consist of 2 boys and 2 girls, in the same division
  4. Entry fee is $5 per team member with 100% payback



Each Contestant will receive a free T-shirt courtesy of the event sponsors that must be worn during the event.

The event sponsors are:


owned by Greg and Kristin Felten


Representative Mike Thies