Listed below on this form are the expectations that each livestock exhibitor is expected to follow. Make sure you understand these and be a responsible exhibitor.

As a livestock exhibitor you are expected to:

  1. Read, be knowledgeable of and follow all rules and regulations of your individual species.
  2. Contact potential buyers of your livestock/ham and invite them to the sale.
  3. Be responsible for your animal(s) while at the fair. This includes, but not limited to feeding, watering, grooming, and keeping the stall neat and clean.
  4. Have your animal groomed and ready to show at show time.
  5. Know when your livestock/ham sells in the sale and be at the gate ready to enter when your name is called. If you are not there when it is your turn you will be moved to the bottom of the sale. If you miss that, you don’t sell.
  6. Clean your stall area after the sale.
  7. Follow up with a thank you note to your bidders and buyers.