From: Howard County Livestock Committee
Sherri Dobson, Chairman (660) 728-3661

To:  Those with interest in the Howard County Fair Livestock Sale

  • Eligible hams/bacons that didn’t make the top 50% for the livestock sale, will be on display Friday prior to the sale. These hams/bacons will be available as a silent auction item. The silent auction will be from 3:00- 5:30 pm, prior to the livestock sale.
  • We are continuing this year with a premium only livestock sale at the Howard County Fair.
  • Animals only are sold as a premium sale.
  • Hams/bacons sell in the traditional manner.

The advantages to this type of sale include:

    • less confusion about how much the bidder is actually spending
    • exhibitor will know exactly how much the bidder is contributing to their project
    • exhibitors will have a realization of the actual value of the animal being sold
    • simpler for an exhibitor to take their animal to the State Fair
    • animals that will be butchered for local consumption by exhibitor, family, or friends


As a bidder, you are not bidding per pound. It is straight money. What you bid is what you pay as a bidder. The exhibitor keeps the animal. As a bidder, if you choose to buy a live animal, that is between the youth and you and is a separate transaction from the Howard County Livestock Committee. The youth are responsible for their animals, not the bidder, Howard County Livestock Committee, or any other entity associated with the Fair or Sale.


As an exhibitor, you will receive the amount bid less the commission that is collected for expenses for the sale and fair. You will still own the animal to do with as you please. If an auction bidder would like to purchase your animal for home consumption, hopefully, you will try to accommodate or help them find a suitable replacement.